Plug for my Drupal Course I'm teaching at Babson this Summer

The course begins July 9, 2013 and ends August 22, 2013  The class is available completely remotely, or on Tuesday nights from 6 - 9:10 pm EST I will be on Babson campus presenting the class.  But Tuesday night's classes will still be broadcasted over the internet for our remote students.  Here's the course description:

Students can enroll in this course from any location: MIS3625 will meet for seven sessions on Tuesday nights from 6:00 - 9:10 PM EST, and students can be present in person or join the class online via "Coursera". The Thursday class content will be undertaken by students in an asynchronic manner according to their own schedule. 

MIS3625 Drupal Web Programming Essentials, Bootstrapping Innovation
4 credit advanced liberal arts

Learn web technologies essential for today's high tech landscape. Drupal is used to power websites for the White House, Warner Brothers, 30% of all Universities and Colleges (Babson is using it extensively now as well), the Louvre, Zynga, PayPal, Chris Rock,The House of Representatives, Led Zeppelin, Jennifer Lopez, and many more big name sites. Using the power of LAMP technologies (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP) and open source, Drupal can accelerate any technology project, website or startup to get up and running fast and for a fraction of the cost. The LAMP skill set will give you extremely valuable skills which the marketplace desperately needs --- in a time when some struggle to find work, these are some of the skills many employers are having trouble locating.”

This is a big win or Drupal, having a Drupal course being taught at a top school.  Drupal's importance and market share has grown such that many employers are desperate for more developers with Drupal skills.