Too many connections error

If you're getting a too many connections error on your Drupal site and the site is down -- likely once a day.  Never fear, here is the answer ... this blog just suffered through that, and just upgrading Drupal to the newest version -- all modules as well, solved the problem.  Yes i don't get paid to write this blog and it suffered some down time, as it doesn't bill as top priority, so sorry for that folks.  Anyhow, might I suggest you use drush to keep your Drupal install up to date.

Run:  drush @your_alias_name up  

on your site after making a backup of the code and database, and your Drupal code will be up to date in minutes.  New to drush (command line Drupal tool), go find a blog post to install it, it is worth wrestling with getting good with drush, it will save you hours of time!