Great general questions about how the internet works.

These are some great questions a student recently emailed to me.  My answers are in green.  Thank you for letting me share your questions!  I've been hearing some of these often, which always says to me, it's time to blog about it :)


I have some questions about the terminal application on my mac. I am very confused about the terminology and processes. 

What are views in Drupal and What Awesome Things Can you Do with Views

If you're in my class and want to install views on the linux box I already have drush installed so you just need to follow the 6 steps below:  (if you're not in my class but just are following along in the book to install views on your local machine skip to after step 6 to the video -- If you're in my class and want to install views on your own machine you can use the video and instructions after step 6 as well). 

1.) use putty on a pc or terminal on a mac to login to

Drupal Web Programming Essentials, Intro and Code Editor Recommendation


Welcome to Drupal Web Programming Essentials.  This is the first video for the book Drupal Web Programming Essentials, and class for Babson College.  This video has a basic intoduction and a recommendation for a code editor so we can get started learning Drupal and all essential technologies.  The book teaches basic HTML, CSS, JavaSript, LAMP (Linux, Apache, PHP, MYSQL) and Drupal programming -- everything you need to launch a career as a web programmer / Drupal programmer.  The book is or will be available shortly.