Mongo sorting and counting queries

db.getCollection('EZL_QUOTE_RESPONSE').find({}).sort({match_id:-1});  // gets the last records to show ordered.


db.getCollection('EZL_QUOTE_RESPONSE').find({}).count();  // gets a count of the documents in the EZL_QUOTE_RESPONSE collection.




in robomongo on the mac hit command + return to run the query.



Introducing Math Maze Madness, The First Drupal Themed Educational App now as a google Chrome app

Now available on as a Chrome app (…).  A FPS educational game and Learn math, play, and defeat the evil mathemagician.  The game can be as challenging as you need, for kids, for adults, defeat Dr. Upal and his minions.  The only Drupal ( themed game in app stores today?!?!?  The evil Dr.