Drupal Calendar View not working and month of November wont show up


"I found by trial and error that setting my server to the local timezone (I am trapped in PHP 5.1) and then default PHP Timezone = TRUE in Date4 makes this go away."

"I suspect that the problem is mostly with PHP.
If possible, the best option is to upgrade your PHP to 5.2.x. I am having good luck with 5.2.9 right now.

If you cannot upgrade your PHP version, you should enable the Date PHP4 module. This module is required for PHP versions less than 5.2. From the Date documentation:

Creating Regions (blocks)

Regions available are in the .info file of your sites theme. To create a new region add it to .info (for intance add: regions[content_top] = Content Top) and then in page.tpl.php you would add

in the location you would like the region to be. See page 408 of the Oreily Drupal Book for more information.

Theme developer module (part of the devel module in drupal 6)

For help in theming install the Theme developer module. http://drupal.org/project/devel_themer

For Drupal 6, this module was part of the Devel project. For Drupal 7, it is its own project, but relies on the Devel module as a dependency.

Click on any element to see information about the Drupal theme function or template that made it. Page 400 of Using Drupal, by O'REILLY

Creating an event via the salesforce php api

Credit goes to this url for this post. I repost in case his site goes down and the info is lost. http://www.mikesimonds.com/adding-event-calendar-t111.html
The object to update or insert a new calendar event is the "Event" object in salesforce

There are 4 required fields that need to be inserted in order for the event to be added to your instance of Salesforce.

Assigned To
Start (date and time)
End (date and time)

Those API field names are