Using the jquery library thickbox to have lightboxes

After opening a lightbox with thickbox: see

You can close the lightbox and have an href link open a url in the parent window:

Register for an Infinite Connection account.

Also to have a form and click submit but close the lightbox and have the form submit to the parent page use this code.

$output .= "

this took me an hour or two to figure out, so you're welcome :)

conditionally run code on page.tpl.php

I use the following code to conditionally show pieces of the page depending on which page the user is on:

$curr_uri = check_plain(request_uri());
//print $curr_uri;
<?php if ((!preg_match("/contact/i", $curr_uri))&&(!preg_match("/authentication-options/i", $curr_uri))&&(!preg_match("/node\/305/i", $curr_uri))) : ?>
conditional html code here
<?php or php code here to be conditionally shown?>
<?php endif; ?>