Droogle documentation:

These directions are no longer current but support the versions of Droogle prior to version 7.x-4x.

Make sure to see the readme file in the Droogle files folder but here are some tips: To configure what file types Droogle file upload will accept: http://drupal.org/node/1559764#comment-5955428 Annoyingly I agree you have to edit Droogle/Zend/Gdata/Docs.php and add the filetypes that are allowed for upload. Here is my current list.

Using XMPP with PHP and Strophe with GOOGLE TALK

These links help quite a bit in getting google talk working with xmpp. Using a gmail.com domain for a jid is very different from using a gmail address with your companies' domain.

You need to setup SRV records on your DNS server.




Battery problems partial fix for OSX LION Macbook Pro Users

This restored my Mac Book to a usable state while using the battery -- battery lasted 3 hours instead of 45 minutes

1. Turn off the computer.
2. Hold down Ctrl+Option+shift
3. While holding down these button, press and hold the power button as well.
4. Hold all buttons for at least ten seconds.
5. power back on the computer.

Run a drush command on all of your sites in a multisite

Drush is of course the best way to manage your site, and here at Babson College we are utilizing multi-sites on the Acquia Cloud. These commands greatly simplify our account management across these many sites:

To run a drush command on all of your sites in a multisite

go to your drupal root directory ie: /var/www/html/babsondev/docroot

and then run

drush @sites user-create testuser
drush @sites user-password someuser --password="gr3@tP@$s"

this will create a user on all of your sites. To get a site list you can do

The Droogle Module integrating google docs and Drupal is now released on drupal.org

This screenshot reflects the versions of Droogle pre version 7.x-4x.  I will aim to post new screenshots of the 7.x-4x + versions.

Droogle has been promoted on drupal.org as a full project. It is being supported by myself and Babson College. We'd love your feedback, feel free to post to Droogle's issue que with any suggestions, bugs, etc.