Setting up and using VIMs Exuberant CTAGS on OSX (MAC)

Assuming you have macports install you first type:

port install ctags

Then you generate a ctags file in the root of your Drupal project by typing in:

ctags --php-kinds=cdfi --languages=php --recurse

type in the following in vim to tell vim to look in the current directory for a tags file and then the parent, and then recursively continue until a tags file is found.

:set tags=./tags; 

Now type in ctrl-] on any function or class name and it will take you to the definition

Here is my .vimrc file for mvim

Here is my .vimrc file for mvim, in particular I don't want to forget how to configure Syntastic for Drupal syntax checking in drupal.  If you type in "phpcs -i" you can verify that the drupal sniffer is setup and available.  The output on my screen from phpcs -i is "The installed coding standards are Drupal, MySource, PEAR, PHPCS, PSR1, PSR2, Squiz and Zend"

The rest of the instructions here will be sufficient as long as you know to add the line about syntastic_phpcs_conf in your vimrc file: